XPhyto was created to capture the next generation drug delivery,
diagnostic, and cannabis investment opportunities:
precision transdermal and oral dissolvable drug dosage forms; rapid, low-cost,
point-of-care infectious disease screening tools, and clinical validation of
cannabis-based medicine focused on European markets.


XPhyto Therapeutics Corp. and 3a-diagnostics GmbH have signed an exclusive development, technology purchase, and licence agreement for the development and commercialization of rapid, point-of-care, low-cost, and easy-to-use infectious disease screening tests which include a COVID-19 (saliva-based) lateral flow assay and oral dissolvable biosensors for pandemic threats and dental health applications. 3a is a research-based biotechnology company located approximately 50 kilometers southeast of Stuttgart, Germany, specializing in the development, production, and marketing of point-of-care test systems. 3a refers to their approach as “anyone” (no specialized training required), “anywhere” (no power or additional equipment required) and “anytime” (decentralized and rapidly deployable).

XPhyto Therapeutics Corp. acquired 100% of Vektor Pharma TF GmbH, a German narcotics manufacturer, importer, and researcher. For over a decade, the company and its team have been leaders in the design, testing and manufacture of thin film drug delivery systems, particularly transdermal patches and sub-lingual (oral) strips for the clinical management of pain. Vektor holds a number of valid narcotics licences pursuant to EU GMP certification and other governing regulations: Import Permit for drug dosage forms; Import Permit for cannabis; Manufacturing Permit for clinical samples; Manufacturing Permit for final drug product release; Analytical Permit for chemical and physical testing; Permit to handle narcotic drugs; and a Permit to handle animal tissue. Vektor’s various narcotics licences include authorizations related to conventional and cannabis-related prescription medications, including but not limited to: Buprenorphine, Cannabis, Dronabinol, Fentanyl, Hydromorphone, Oxycodone, and THC.

XPhyto Therapeutics Corp. acquired 100% of BUNKER Pflanzenextrakte GmbH, a Bavarian-based German cannabis company. BUNKER holds a unique German cannabis cultivation and extraction licence for scientific purposes awarded by the German health authority. Subject to meeting BfArM security requirements, the licence authorizes the Company to cultivate, extract up to 70 different strains of Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica for scientific purposes. Futhermore Bunker Pflanzenextrakte GmbH, has entered into an exclusive cannabis research and development agreement with the chair of brewing and beverage technology at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan. The goal with this worldwide reputated beverage development partner is the development of new CBD-infused beverages to meet the commercial demand for this market segment.

XPhyto is working closely with the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences. Two exclusive 5-year engagements provide certified extraction, isolation, and formulation facilities, drug research and development expertise, as well as commercial analytical testing capability. The XPhyto team is initially focused on formulation of sleep, pain management and dermatological applications as well as novel drug delivery methods.

XPhyto’s wholly owned German subsidiary, Bunker Pflanzenextrakte GmbH, has signed an exclusive cannabis R&D agreement with the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The initial research project will focus on the identification and assessment of novel R&D approaches to utilize the cannabis plant and its derivatives, including cannabinoids, terpenes, terpenoids, polyphenols and flavones. Promising targets will be advanced through pilot studies and pending preliminary success, pursued via separate joint research projects on a case-by-case basis for potential commercialization.

XPhyto’s wholly owned German subsidiary, Bunker Pflanzenextrakte GmbH, has entered into an exclusive cannabis research and development agreement with the chair of brewing and beverage technology at the Technical University of Munich (“TUM”), School of Life Sciences in Weihenstephan. Pursuant to the Agreement, initial research will focus on the identification and development of new research approaches targeting potential commercial applications for the use and inclusion of cannabis plants, parts thereof, or derived ingredients, active ingredients and flavours for the production of beverages, food and dietary supplements. Preliminary testing will include analysis of the chemical-physical suitability of the cannabis derived materials for use in various food and beverages. Specific cannabis applications with prospective commercial viability will be pursued via separate joint research projects on a case-by-case basis.


XPhyto Laboratories Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of XPhyto Therapeutics Corp., provides certified third party analytical testing (cannabinoids, heavy metals, pesticides, etc.) to Canadian licenced growers, processors, dispensaries, and government agencies.

For more information about our analytical services please inquire.

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CEO & Director, XPhyto
Mr. Rogers is an entrepreneur and lawyer with private and public start-up experience in a range of industries and operational roles.

Recent advisory work has focused on public listings and corporate restructuring in the life science (cell therapy and medical device) and natural resource (natural gas co-gen and conventional oil) industries. Mr. Rogers has held several board and executive management positions with junior exchange listed issuers. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Cell Biology and Genetics and a Law degree. He is a member in good standing of the Law Society of British Columbia.

CFO, XPhyto 
Mr. Ross is a professional accountant with broad financial experience across numerous industries including forestry, distribution, mining, construction, and multi-family real estate. He has provided financial accounting, strategic analysis, audit, and taxation advisory services to public and private companies and facilitated numerous transactions involving debt and equity financings, mergers and acquisitions, corporate re-organizations and divestitures. Mr. Ross holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce (Accounting) and is a member in good standing of the Chartered Professional Accountants Association of British Columbia.

Director, XPhyto
Managing Director, Bunker
Mr. Probst is an experienced management and financial consultant based in Bavaria, Germany. His experience includes management consulting experience as branch head working with private high-net worth clients and corporations followed by the role of CFO for a European-based photovoltaic company where he established operations in Cyprus, Greece, and Italy. In 2011, Mr. Probst started ProFinvest, a management consulting firm focused on small to medium-sized companies where he remains Deputy Chairman. In 2017, he assumed the position of CFO of Bunker Pflanzenextrakte GmbH and plays a key role in its operational and financial development.

Director, XPhyto
Dr. Löbenberg holds a bachelor’s of Science degree in Pharmacy from the Johannes Gutenberg-University, Mainz, Germany and a PhD in Pharmaceutics from the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University, Frankfurt, Germany. He joined the University of Alberta in 2000 where he is the founder and director of the Drug Development and Innovation Centre, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Dr. Löbenberg’s research interests are in biopharmaceutics to predict the oral performance of drugs and botanicals and inhalable nanoparticles to treat lung diseases such as lung cancer, tuberculosis or leishmanasis. He is a cofounder of RS Therapeutics Inc., a foam-based topical drug delivery company.

Dr. Löbenberg’s recent notable positions include: president of the Canadian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences 2014 to 2015; vice chair of the United States Pharmacopeia Dietary Supplement Expert Committee 2016 to 2017; current member of the United States Pharmacopeia Dietary Supplement Expert Committee; current vice chair of the Specialty Committee of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Pharmaceutics of the World Foundation of Chinese Medicine Science; and current member of the Health Canada Scientific Advisory Committee on Pharmaceutical Sciences and Clinical Pharmacology and the Scientific Advisory Panel on Opioid Analgesic Abuse.

Managing Director, Vektor Pharma
Prof. Dr. Beckert is the founder, managing director, and qualified person of Vektor Pharma TF GmbH, Uttenweiler, Germany. His expertise includes formulation and machine development for transdermal therapeutic systems and ODFs, narcotic drugs, cannabis, and herbal extracts in addition to global auditing of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers (GACP, API, solids, sterile dosage forms, transport, analytical labs, microbiological labs, and pharmacovigilance). Prof. Dr. Beckert holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from the University of Freiburg, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, and a Ph.D. in Pharmacy and Economics from the University of Tübingen, Tübingen, Germany. He is currently a professor of Pharmaceutical Process Technologies, University of Applied Sciences, Albstadt-Sigmaringen.


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